The island full of sunshine & crystal clear sea waters of the Ionian Sea

Zakynthos island

Zakynthos Island offers some of the most beautiful landscapes, for which man can dream. White beaches, clear waters, a huge variety of sea creatures, and many greenness and ability to hide in the shade during the hottest hours of the day.

Island of Zakynthos (or Zante) is situated in the waters of the Ionian Sea, at about 17 km off the west coast of Greece. It is the third largest island of the Ionian Islands. It covers an area of 410 square kilometers and its coastline is approximately 123 kilometers in length. Located 8.5 nautical miles south of Kefalonia, 9.5 miles (20 kilometers) west of the Peloponnese and 300 kilometers west of the capital of Greece, Athens.

Its geographical location allows the traveler easy access to the other Ionian islands as well as to the facing coast of the Peloponnese.

The Climate of Zakynthos

Zakynthos experiences a typical Mediterranean climate with warm and dry summers and mild and wet winters. Known to be the sunniest place in Greece, rainy days in summer are very rare.

The winter months - December, January, February and March are pleasantly cool, with daily temperatures of 14 to 16 degrees. April and November are transitional seasons - spring and autumn respectively. The days are very pleasant – warm, but not hot with temperatures around 18 - 19 °C.

Summers are long, sunny and hot - starting during the early May with a rapid rise of the temperature and end in late October (i.e. last about 6 months). Summer temperatures range from 24 to 31 degrees in the shade.
Coldest month is January (14 °C), and the warmest - August (31 °C).



Coast of the island of Zakynthos is one of the most beautiful in Greece. The beaches of the north and west are stunningly beautiful nestled among the high and inaccessible cliffs and some of them accessible only by water. The Sea is azure blue, clean and transparent waters and beaches with small round pebbles or sand with a colour of ivory.

Overall, the island is evergreen with varied landscapes. In some places there are beautiful Mediterranean forests and on the other can be found only burned by the hot Mediterranean sun areas. The beauty of nature in Zakynthos is its rich flora and fauna.  The mild climate with rain in the winter season makes this island is full of greenery, lush vegetation, there are flowers in bloom all year round. Here grow conifers, olives, citruses and other subtropical plants. In many places can be found vineyards producing high quality grapes.

You will find rare Mediterranean herbs, such as the Ionian orchid (Serapias ionica), as well as a number of animal species under international protection within national wildlife reserves, who come to find shelter to rest and breed. The rare loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta Caretta) and the Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus Monachus), Dolphins are just few examples.

The magnificent Blue Caves are one of the islands natural attractions and some of the most beautiful in Greece. They are located on the coast just below our properties for sale. The Blue Caves are famous for the reflection and diffusion of sunlight within the caves; turning the water into an impressive azure translucent blue.

The beaches of Zakynthos are famous for their unspoilt beauty and crystal clear emerald waters. Navagio is the most famous beach in Zante is located on the west coast 20 minutes from our properties. Shipwreck Bay, also known as ‘Navagio’ can only be reached by taking a boat trip, or seen from the top from the viewing platform above the cliff. Approaching the beach from the sea provides a breathtaking spectacle – the huge cliffs surrounding the bay, bright white pebble sand, blue turquoise waters, and the stranded ship.

There are a number of beaches and undiscovered coves surrounding our properties, with the closest located 1.5 km.  This is the easily accessible, beach of Agios Nikolaos. A further 4km along the coastal road takes you to the beautiful Makris Gialos beach. It has sandy seashore and its crystal waters are ideal for snorkelers who love to explore the sea caves. By travelling a further 2 km from Makris Gialos you will find Xigia beach with bright turquoise waters, white pebble sand and stark cliffs. Xigia beach is known for its therapeutic Sulphur Springs and mineral waters which flow up from the seabed. These natural spring waters are particularly rich in collagen and make the water highly therapeutic and extremely relaxing.

Facts & Figures


Zakynthos island has a different fate than that of the most Greek islands. Unlike those, who are located among the waters of the Aegean, Zante was never under Ottoman rule. It has got into a totally different sphere of influence and for many years was run by Italians and Frenchmen. This has left a strong imprint on the local Greek culture and architecture, and today the capital of Zakynthos is very similar to the Italian or French towns. It combines together three of the most developed and richest cultures in the world in itself. This is sufficient to explain the huge interest of the foreigners to Zakynthos as a tourist destination.


Zakynthos has a population of almost 40,000 inhabitants. Most of them live in the coastal southern and eastern regions. Almost 20,000 or approximately ½ of the population, lives in the island capital on the east coast of Zakynthos. ½ of the rest population is distributed among all other windmill Zakynthos Greece towns and villages on the island. Traditionally, the interior of the Greek island of Zakynthos is sparsely populated, compared with the coastal areas.



Zante Island’s economy relies strongly to the rapidly growing tourist industry. This entails a high quality infrastructure and high prices of the real estates. Besides the tourism, flourishing on the Mediterranean coast, Zakynthos receives not least dividends and of the agriculture. The production of olives, citrus, grapes and, of course, wine also contribute much to the local economy.


Zakynthian architecture predominately follows the Venetian style. There are also a lot of Byzantine and Neo-Classical influences as well as Gothic architecture mainly found around the island's many Bell Towers. Distinctive to the Zakynthian architecture are also the traditional stone houses featuring wood-and-tile-made roofs, sculpted decorative pieces above doorways and windows and wrought iron staircases (internally), balcony rails and gates (externally).


From spring till October the island is connected with a variety of European countries. For the season 2013 from April 1st to October 31st a total of 488,057 visitors landed on the island descending from 2,736 charters arriving from 22 different countries.

Accommodation capacity

Zakynthos totals 47,656 beds in all categories (2012 data) some 28,888 in hotels and the rest 18,135 are privately owned in studios, apartments and villas. The total of studios and apartments on Zakynthos amount to 1,251 while hotels are in the number of 272. Altogether the accommodation available to visitors on the island amounts to 8,241 rooms of all categories. Ranging from rather affordable to higher standards rooms, slightly more expensive, the accommodation are located on very lively beaches or in more secluded areas, offering a more peaceful holiday. The large diversity of accommodation provided on the island as well as its location makes it a successful destination for a vacation.

The number of beds per category and type of accommodation


Let’s make this dream reality together

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The 3 pieces of land we offer for sale are located in the last unspoilt, tranquil area and most beautiful Northern part of Zakynthos, next to the idyllic port-marina of Agios Nikolaos.

They enjoy breathtaking views over the sea and peaceful natural environment.